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Tired of struggling to get your financial records in order when tax time hits? We recognize that accurate, well-organized financial information is critical to your corporate and personal financial health.

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Our detail-oriented and insightful staff is committed to providing the comprehensive reports and services you need to manage your finances and assess your financial position.

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Elizabeth A Lopez CPA, PC puts your best interests first and firmly believes your time is better served doing what you do best: taking care of yourself, your family and your business. Whether you’ve lost your in-house accountant or the one you’re working with now just isn’t cutting it, we’re always here, year-round to offer consistently reliable accounting services for your small business.

Avoid tax surprises with our IRS updates

With the constantly changing IRS guidelines, it’s nearly impossible to feel secure knowing you’ve crossed all of your T’s and dotted each and every lower case J when filing your taxes each year. By trusting your accounting and bookkeeping services to the experts at Elizabeth A Lopez CPA, PC, you can rest assured knowing we’re on top of every state and federal tax update from the IRS.

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