Your Personal Accountant

Imagine having a personal accountant who specializes in accurate, quick, and painless preparation of your personal income taxes. One with extensive knowledge and understanding of federal and state tax code to help you minimize liabilities and avoid surprises during tax season. One who offers all of this at a reasonable rate.

There’s no need to imagine. Elizabeth A. Lopez CPA, PC can deliver all of this and more. With more than 20 years experience, we’ve helped countless individuals navigate the ins and outs of IRS tax codes, enabling each person to file their tax returns with confidence they were done properly and efficiently.

Available Year Round

We’re available to provide valuable assistance with tax preparation and are here to answer your preliminary questions regardless of the month or season. Whether through tax consulting or simply helping you file your multi-state taxes, our firm is small enough to know you by name yet possesses the expertise necessary to make sure you get the most out of your individual tax returns.

Cautious & Thorough Personal Accountants

If you’re struggling with…

  • State-to-State Filing
  • Knowing What to Claim
  • Understanding Deductions
  • Itemizing Deductions
  • Retirement Planning
  • Tax Budgeting

…you’ve come to the right place. We offer sensible assistance, thoroughly guiding you through every filing scenario to give you peace of mind that you’re getting the most possible from your return.

Why use a personal accountant when I can just go online?

Fast & Reliable Returns

What happens if you make a sizable deduction on your tax return…twice? Mistakes like this happen more than you may think. You can avoid getting hit with penalties and interests you wouldn’t otherwise have to pay by hiring experts to catch these mistakes before filing. We constantly study changes in tax policy to help you receive any and all deductions to which you are entitled. Additionally, we aim to speed your refund by filing your return electronically with the IRS and state tax authorities.

No Online Chats, Just Real People

Online services are limited to providing Yes/No scenarios to calculate your return. We at, Elizabeth A Lopez CPA, PC, are caring human beings answering your questions and digging between the cracks to find the right filing solutions for you. Our doors don’t close on April 16th. Our personal accountants are here in the same office year-round, offering consistent and reliable scheduling regardless of the month. We’re able to ask questions and provide real-world answers to help you understand all of your filing options.

IRS Help

Tax problems don’t go away by themselves. They just get worse while penalties and interest mount up. Not to mention dealing with the IRS can be an absolute nightmare. But it doesn’t have to be. At Elizabeth A Lopez CPA, PC, we aim to work with you toward one common goal: to set the record straight. Whether a filing mistake was made on your end or the IRS just doesn’t have all of the information, you can regain your peace of mind by letting us help you resolve your IRS problems. Your personal accountant will closely examine your case in order to help you develop an achievable plan of action for resolving your IRS issues. This includes discreetly negotiating Offers in Compromise on your behalf, determining why you owe the IRS and combing through source documents to find out what the IRS claims you owe versus what you actually owe.

We take a proactive approach.

Every tax situation is different, and each scenario introduces varying factors that can affect the way you handle your state and federal tax filings. Whatever your situation, our team of personal accountants has one mission: to provide you with a proactive tax plan using real-world, accurate projections that reflect the best possible tax scenarios for you.

Common Questions We Help Answer

  • How do I file my taxes from more than one state?
  • What do (or don’t) I have to claim on my taxes?
  • What can (or can’t) I deduct?
  • How can I reduce my taxes in retirement?
  • How do I avoid paying taxes on Social Security benefits?